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Thread: Fish tank assembly

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    Fish tank assembly

    Hey all,

    Well I have kind of a fun project ahead of me! I am going to try and make an old TV into a fish tank! ;D But I need to find someplace that sells and cuts glass... I think Lowes does but I can't find it on their website anywhere! >

    So if anyone here is going to be going out and about today and you are near a Lowes would you stop in and ask them if they sell and cut glass? PLEASE & Thanx

    I get off work kinda late so if no one can get that answered for me I'll have to wait to find out until the weekend. Oh and I already know that I'm gonna need special aquarium sealant, not just any old caulk will do. I'm gonna get some at PetSmart!

    Talk to ya's L8R!

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    Re:Fish tank assembly

    A friend of mine made an aquarium out of an old mac plus, I belive that he got the glass all done at a local pet store. I don't think it's too uncommon for a pet store to do custom fish tanks, so that's another place to look.

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    Re:Fish tank assembly

    Ah thanx for the info I will definately give that a shot if the Lowes thing doesn't work out!

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