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Thread: Get Back At Hackers

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    Get Back At Hackers

    IT security specialist Backfire Security today announced the availability of a software download as a discrete desk-top client application which wreaks revenge on those hackers and culprits attacking your network or infecting users with worms and/or viruses
    The software has the ability to instantly and dynamically 'trace' the IP source address - no matter how well masked - of the network attack/infection and respond by launching either a Domain Name or Mail Server flood attack in the direction of the attacker.

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    Re:Get Back At Hackers


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    Re:Get Back At Hackers

    Has anyone tried using this?

    sounds too good to be true. but wouldn't you get shut down when your ISP notices a big spike coming from your end?

    "The software has the ability to instantly and dynamically 'trace' the IP source address - no matter how well masked - of the network attack/infection "

    what if it's wrong then DOS's some .gov site?

    Fed's come knock,knock,knocking on your door....

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    Re:Get Back At Hackers

    Chinese Space Program computer software gadgets... my ass... If I was to believe this, it should be confirmed by some source with knowledge about these kinds of things - Like Bill Cheswick.

    DDoS'ing is wrong no matter who does it..

    anyways, the post date is 01/04/2003 at 08:11 GMT, and the Article starts out with the words... APRILS FOOL... didn't that tip any of you guys off ??


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    Re:Get Back At Hackers

    I wasn't even gullable enough for this one :P It's so technically inacurate!

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    Re:Get Back At Hackers

    Just went to read the article. Click on the link above and then when you load the page click the link to the software company. It spells it all out there ;D

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    Re:Get Back At Hackers

    Block the connection is one thing (I heard Checkpoint+SnortSAM combo does this, in fact I plan to implement this soon), but retaliate....that's pretty questionable, not to mention that I don't beleivce it is possible.
    By doing this you can piss off somebody who would never pay attention to your host/ know, the same argument for not running honepots.

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