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Thread: Switching to Windows

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    Switching to Windows

    I'm generally getting feed up with the elitism of the Linux userbase, and I miss the days when computing was fun for me - so I'm switching back to Windows 98.

    Bye, and thank you for the fish.

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    have fun

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    So long and thanks for the fish....

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    You have to go with what you like. I have a few friends who prefer everything in DOS because it's fun computing. IMHO it doesn't matter what OS you use as long as you take the morality of OSS with you.

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    "The elitism of the linux userbase, Im switching back to windows" ?
    If that doesnt sound like a title for a paper on how to be technologically retarded in a computer based society then I dont what is.
    I have usually gotten along well with you lovey, but thats about the basest of lame attempts for insults if I have ever heard one. Why dont you go ahead and say, "Im tired of everyone not having the same opinion as myself, so Im going to try to make myself look as if Im leaving because I decided to."
    I may not be the heaviest guy in here, but not once since I started coming here have I ever felt, heard, received or participated in anything like elitism, socail or technological. And frankly, Im pretty f*king insulted by it.


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    Re:Switching to Windows

    Last year on this date, I announced my engagement and was figured out in a matter of minutes.

    This year I have the honor of saying "Hook, line and sinker guys".

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    Does any know the date? That was clearly obvious....

    Heres a morning funny for you
    Distrowatch did a review on WindowsXP (hilarious) :


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    Re:Switching to Windows

    And apparently Gentoo is switching to RPMs to comply with the LSB.

    10dedfish, I think it's about time for your valium

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=25;threadid=6720;start=0#63077 date=1049199188]
    Does any know the date? That was clearly obvious....

    Heres a morning funny for you
    Distrowatch did a review on WindowsXP (hilarious) :


    that was fuckin hilarious.

    I gotta get this april fools prank off my chest, I go to college and the kids here are jack ass dipshits. They can't do their laundry, they leave it in the washers or dryers for hours sometimes days after it has been done. So naturally if you are a wuss you leave the clothe sin the dryer and get pushed around, or you can take them out and lay them on the floor. I am going to do everybody one better. I, BurntAsh, am going to find someone who left their clothes in the dryer for a long ass time and I am going to take a shit in it. I will then restart the dryer and let the clothes tumble around with the melting shit inside. Oh to see the look on the persons face when they reach into a pile of shit-streaked clothing and realize the error of their ways. They will never leave their clothes in the dryer late again!!!!! bwahahahahah

    My second prank is in the cafeteria many of you might know of the moving dish belt that you put your plates and silverware on when your finished. This moving belt brings the dishes and silverware back to the kitchen. My plan is to just stick a dildo on the tray and watch it flow back to the poor old woman washing the dishes. She will probably look at it as a spring bonus though.

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    Re:Switching to Windows

    ha! ya got me too.

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