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Thread: Arson problems

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    Arson problems

    I got everything to work (reads the tracks, burns iso's, cd audio, etc...) except:

    When I try to ripp a track in Ogg Vorbis I get this message after I click on start----

    Failed to create FIFO

    Some clues are:
    it will not ripp mp3's either (this doesnt bother me )
    Arson will ripp .wav files
    Those wave files will convert to ogg just fine from the command line---oggenc -q 10 ./blablabla.wav

    Any thoughts guys?

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    Re:Arson problems

    do you have the conversion tools installed? Grip requires them all. Perhaps one of the wav->mp3 or wav->ogg converters is wrong in the setup, or you dont have any.

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    Re:Arson problems

    Grip is a lost cause on my system--What conversion tools?

    If you mean the ones off the ogg vorbis website ---the answer is yes.

    oggenc -q 10 ./blablabla.wav

    The above works fine. (From cli I can convert no probem, but I have to ripp then use the above on each file ----arson automates this quite nicely)

    BTW: the distro is slack9

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    Re:Arson problems

    have you tried ripperX, or rip, or any of the other ripping applications mentioned in the "cool applications" thread. there is a ton of rippers available out there some nice fluffy gui ones and other more cut and dried console/curses apps. take a look on freshmeat. also try pasting your exact error into a search.

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    Re:Arson problems

    Ripperx doesnt fully support ogg vorbis---BTW if you like this program you may want to add it to the Cool programs thread--it is not there now.

    Rip is cli---not a problem for me, but my wife and 7yo son will not use it.

    Google comes up with no results.

    Anyone know more about FIFO then what the man page has on it? (It tells you that it stands for First In First Out---lol)

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    Re:Arson problems

    hmmm well i used to used ripperX and i never had troubles with ripping oggs at all. frankly i thought it did a better job than grip. grip used to be one of my favorite apps but it just seemed to get more and more unstable/unusable as they developed it.

    anyway as i mentioned there are plenty of options besides ripperX and grip on freshmeat.

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