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Thread: no avatar?

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    no avatar?

    hi guys. yesterday and today i have been trying to upload an image in the edit my profile section and i keep getting an error that tells me i do not have permission to edit that profile...or something along those lines. am i allowed to have an avatar...and if so, help? thanks for your time.

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    Re:no avatar?

    I get the same error whenever I try to upload an avatar... I just use one thats already there..

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    Re:no avatar?

    oh, all five of you? :P but i like mine, tis special...

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    Re:no avatar?

    hummss - that is strange. try uploading one you know works - like brak! and then see it it lets you.

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    Re:no avatar?

    That is because you have to upload a real picture of you before you are allowed an avatar. Didn't Gorn told you about that? He must have forgotten.... :P :P :P :P

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    Re:no avatar?

    mmm, but i don't have anything that i know works because pinky is a new computer and i am not using any images on her for other avatars or anything.

    bah! bogus initiations. :P even if i had a picture to show ya i don't believe i would. you might hurt my feelings. *hides*

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    Re:no avatar?

    There is the fact, that your picture must follow the restrictions on the avatar, else it will fail with an error similar to the beeing described.

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    Re:no avatar?

    Hurt your feelings?!!!???

    And your computer is named Pinky? Is Gorn's named The Brain?

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    Re:no avatar?

    thanks for the input redhead, but it most definitely fits all requirements.

    you know...hurt my feelings=insult the way i look/talk behind my back and gorn hacks ya and tells me about it :P

    umm, my computer is pinky because it is pink. gorn's...nixel?

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    Re:no avatar?

    A pink computer.... would this be an iMac?

    To quote Three dead trolls in a baggie:

    "iMac, a computer especially built for idio.... mommys and daddys"

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