So AOL recenlty changed something:
550-The IP address you are using to connect to AOL is an IP address owned
550-by ATTBI/Comcast and is either open to the free relaying of e-mail,
550-is serving as an open proxy, or is a dynamic (residential) IP address.
550-AOL cannot accept further e-mail transactions from your server until
550-either your server is closed to free relaying/proxy, or your provider
550-removes your IP address from their list of dynamic IP addresses.  For
550-additional information, please visit
550-or contact your network support organization at
550 Goodbye
and i'm not gonna be able to get attbi/comcast to put my ip on the static list.

So I'm thinking if i can have postfix use for all mail to then it'd work again, and i'd still have my own mail server.

But how would I go about this? I run my own DNS server to, so I guess I could put as the mx for but it seems there'd be a better way.