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Can you say geek...
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Thread: Can you say geek...

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    Can you say geek...

    I just got myself my first freestyle bow tie. I spend friday night figuring out how to tie it. When bro came in he said that now I totally look like a geek. I never thought it would add to my geekness but I like.

    [edit]Any other bow tie wears around here?[/edit]

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    Re:Can you say geek...


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    Re:Can you say geek...

    When I get home I'll take a pic with my cheesy web cam and post. ;D

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    Re:Can you say geek...

    groovy! ;D

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    Re:Can you say geek...


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    Re:Can you say geek...

    bowties are for geeks man.... sorry.

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    Re:Can you say geek...

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=6705;start=0#62935 date=1048966273]
    Any other bow tie wears around here?

    I clearly think youre on your own here

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    Re:Can you say geek...

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    Re:Can you say geek...

    oh yea!! looks good!
    thanks gmoreno!

    [me=pbharris]looks for bowtie...[/me]

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    Re:Can you say geek...

    Yeah I think I look good with it on.. I think I look better dressed up. I got bowtie off of e-bay for $5 bucks with shipping. But uh if you have 30-60 to spend on a tie go to http://www.beautiesltd.com/ they have a nice assortment of bowties. Later I'll post a link to the video that taught me how to tie it.

    [edit]fixed link[/edit]

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