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Thread: Terminal Services with Linux

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    Terminal Services with Linux

    So Ive decided to start converting to linux.... but i have some questions....

    Im a Windows Admin and alot of the boxen I take care of run Terminal Services... I notice that Linux also uses TS but are they compatible? or is there a TS client I can get for linux that will allow me to TS into windows?

    secondly... Im also a Drum and Bass Producer.... and Linux is lacking in that department for now.... I know there is WINE and Win4Lin... but have they successfully run programs like FRUITYLOOPS/REASON/ACID and VSTi's on Linux?

    could someone please give me some insight?

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    Re:Terminal Services with Linux

    Well I am not sure specifically about Terminal Services, but Tridia's VNC may help you out, its a fast OSS solution originally devved by AT&T to do remote control of PC's. That may do what you need. It is available for nearly every CPU and OS out there.

    As for audio stuff -- check out this page and as soon as I get the URL for Cinerella, that is a good one. Although Cinerella does video and audio, it has a really nice frame by frame tool and can do a plethora of effects (should you want a fade in/out, echo, blah, blah blah)

    I posted the URL a few times here, its just a matter of me finding it again. I lost my bookmark for it apparently ...

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    Re:Terminal Services with Linux

    On this thread,;start=72 Wolverine recomends for terminal services.

    Here are some music apps, but I have never used them. Freshmeat is a good place to find software.

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    Re:Terminal Services with Linux

    The goodies from work fine for connecting to the win2k servers here at work....

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    Re:Terminal Services with Linux

    thanks for all the help

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