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Thread: suse problems

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    suse problems


    i installed suse 8.0 a while back on my main box and the install went ok. it was up and running back then. i just tried to install on my ibm pl300 and it hangs forever when its installing java. it returns an error every fricking time.

    this is on the second cd so i made a clone of it and i have the same issue. i even swapped out the cdrom with no luck.
    i tried to unselect java but i guess some of the other apps i wanted, needed java to run. this is from a suse box set i bought at a store by the way. anone have any similar issue?
    i have no add in cards in the pc either.


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    Re:suse problems


    hows you memory in that machine?

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    Re:suse problems

    you could always ice anything that uses java during the install and then once you have a functional system you can install the rpms from either the cd or the web for any applications you missed.

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