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Thread: New to the Cron method need help please!

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    New to the Cron method need help please!

    Okay for the past three years I have always started my Multi User dungeon this way.

    Assuming a reboot has just occurred;

    cd /muddir/src
    ./startup port &

    is there not a way to have the boot sequence do this for me and provide a check to ensure it is always running and when not restart it?

    Also, the codebase I am using has a webserver built in that basically captures players names and such and posts it to html files. How do I script that to automatically move the files to my /var/www/html/ directory?

    Thanks again


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    Re:New to the Cron method need help please!

    hi Ras,
    any chance you had a gander at the cron PET ?

    you can have those run every minute of you like.

    * * * * * sh;cd /muddir/src;./startup port

    the a
    0,30 * * * * mv /dir/files /var/www/html/ would move them every half hour.

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    Re:New to the Cron method need help please!

    Tried to follow the pet here is what I typed

    * * * * * sh; cd /home/rastar/afkmud/src; ./startup 2000

    It then returned E348: No string under cursor.

    I hit the : q key and it said No write since last update but a : ! and it escapes with the wording no crontab for rastar - using an empty one
    crontab: no changes made to crontab

    Obviously this is not working at all? Any suggestions on how to create the file so that it will recognize my work?

    I read the pet and while it gave me some help not much and the MAN kinda lacks as well


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    Re:New to the Cron method need help please!

    before you do this try entering export EDITOR=gedit or what ever editor you like, by default it uses vi, not vim or pico.

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