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    Re:Knowledge Base

    PET - Plain English Tutorials (or in my case Pure Engrish Tutorials)

    there's a link in the top bar, and the section has a forum dedicated to it.. so feel free to request or submit a PET.

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    Re:Knowledge Base

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=18;threadid=6669;start=0#63792 date=1050294856]
    okay - i am gonna start this now in tech support area. let me knwo if this is what you had in mind Trickster

    oh yea thead here;threadid=6820
    That looks fine!

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    Re:Knowledge Base

    [quote author=LittleMissGorn link=board=18;threadid=6669;start=0#63822 date=1050355964]
    mmm, this idea sounds good to me except i am confused about a few things. first of all, what is a PET? and second, you guys are planning on taking important info from certain posts and making a new thread with them all over again...or are you gonna put it somewhere like the FAQ stuff?

    i will help if i can
    You still are Bobba Fett?

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    Re:Knowledge Base

    mmm, that is what it looks like. did broken thing get fixed? hey wait..are you discriminating against me because i am a fett?

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