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Thread: mounting a partition on hdb

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    mounting a partition on hdb

    I wrote in last month with a problem booting Mandrake 8.1. I never really resolved the problem but I switched the master and slave HDs and installed MDK 9 on the empty drive. Now I want to access some files on the old drive so I can copy them and format the drive. It has a swap partion and 5 or 6 ext2 partitions. How do I go about getting at the old data? Please keep in mind that I am a total n00b and need some detailed instructions.

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    Re:mounting a partition on hdb

    It depends what filesystem you have in the other partitions. Basically, you have to create an empty folder where you will mount the partition. mkdir /mnt/windows for example. Then, issue the command mount -t /dev/hdbx filesystem /mnt/windows where hdbx is your partition (hdb1, hdb2, etc) and filsystem is the correct filesystem (Fat, vfat, ntfs, etc.)
    PBHarris has a good PET on this too.

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