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i must say i do agree with celebrities acting like they have the know-how and whatever to be spokes people.
You agree with people standing up and saying that "Hey Im famous, I must be correct in my political views and you should all be behind me because my butt looks cute in a mini skirt?" Im surprised that Hanoi Jane Fonda hasnt come out of retirement.

ah - no, that anyone thinks that an actors or artist or musian or scuplture or whatever has a more importnat voice than anyone else (including actors...).

it will never cease to amaze (or piss me off) how someone who really does not have to *work* for a living can get off acting like they have the moral high ground. as far as i am concerned my garbage man has just as good ideas as them, probably better. he gets up for work freaking early! i am sure many actors worked hard to get where they are they, but so does every almost one else.

of course that goes for celebrites on both the right and left. well, except peta, they have some quite inventive uses for certain spokes people. in fact i have a pam anderson poster from peta proudly, but discretely, displayed at work ;D

i already had my veggie buger (well 2 of them), i don't have a bunny to hug but if i did i would. i will happily hug my kids, cats and dogs instead.