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Thread: Debian vs ????????

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    Debian vs ????????

    Please do not misunderstand - I am not trying to start a flamewar - I am just curious. I have been trying Debian (Knoppix) on my second HD to see how good a system it is. I LOVE the apt-get feature but the versions of software offered (Netscape 4.7!!!) are OLD!. I am looking at alternatives for MDK 9.0 - is there a Linux flavor that is easy to install, solid and dependable that has more updated software? Thanks in advance!

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    Just set your sources.list to the unstable tree, you'll have all the latest software. Don't let "unstable" scare you, that's what I've been using, updating almost every day.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    I also ran knoppix for a while and got away from it for the same reason, apt-get was outdated, and getting apt-get working propperly with unstable and good mirrors was painful. I am now using gentoo, which has it's portage package management system, very up to date packages, easier to use, more reliable mirrors, and easier to configure. The only downside (or upside in my opinion ) is that you have to compile most packages from source, but it does it for you. For example, "emerge kde" will download and compile everything required, you don't have to actually do the ./configure && make && make install etc.

    Just my 2c

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    what about Slackware?

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    Re:Debian vs ????????


    *guess which distro I use*

    but seriously, Gentoo is the home of many ex debbies, because the systems are very similar (of course I think Gentoo is better but.)

    I've used both and I love both but Gentoo is just to brilliantly designed.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=7;threadid=6641;start=0#62350 date=1048187348]
    what about Slackware?

    I am still waiting on this one to arrive, but it always just worked really well. I agree, give that a shot.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    I second (third?) Gentoo. I used to LOVE Debbie and thought nothing could beat apt-get until I was introduced to Gentoo's portage. Like apt-get but with sources instead. Everything is compiled on your own machine so you can optimize for your system. Sources are generally pretty good about compiling (not many errors). My Gentoo 1.4_rc2 system simply screams in comparison to my old RedHat 8.

    The only downside to Gentoo I can think of is also its upside. Gentoo is very highly configurable. You can compile your sources with or without optimizations, and with or without support for various other apps (for example, Gnome's nautilus must be compiled with mozilla support in order to be used as a browser). However, if you don't take the time to learn how these optimizations work, you'll be stuck with the rather mediocre defaults. When configuring portage I had to dig up the GCC documentation and look for optimization flags to compile with...I also had to dig up some Gentoo docs so I could compile things like ogg vorbis and mozilla support into other apps. My old gentoo system quite sucked until I really dug into the portage config files and added what I want and did a total system recompile ("emerge world" system recompile...i'n't that neat??)

    So that's my only warning. I'd definitely recommend Gentoo, but you have to take half a day to do some reading and add some optimizations. Oh and don't expect to have a decent system up and running for at least a few days unless you're experienced. The install is not for the faint of heart, and things like KDE have to be compiled from source which will take a day or two.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    Libranet is a great Debian based distro that is generally up-to-date and easy to install/use.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    Just run Debian Sid (I do) and you'll be plenty up-to-date.

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    Re:Debian vs ????????

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=7;threadid=6641;start=0#62651 date=1048549455]
    Like apt-get but with sources instead.

    edit your sources.list so there are no # sign in front of the source sources, and your argument disappears.

    I've been running a mostly source based debian distro for a year or so now...

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