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Thread: Kinda dumb BIND question

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    Kinda dumb BIND question

    Hi everyone, I have BIND installed and I am about to configure it. I bought the O'reilly DNS and BIND book. Book is great and I have all my config files written out accept one thing. My servername is lemiwinks and in the /etc/hosts file it is listed as This server sits behind my cisco firewall/router so I run NAT. Public IP is 65.112.18.whatever. When I create the zones and reverse lookup files do I use the publc IP or the local domain one. I don't know what will happen if the /etc/hosts file has my local( as and my other files for BIND have my public IP for I hope this makes sense. I can copy my config file if that will help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re:Kinda dumb BIND question

    Is that book good for DNS/Bind newbies like me? I bought that book but hasvn't started reading it yet.

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    Re:Kinda dumb BIND question

    Yeah I think its really good but I haven't gone past the 5th chapter cuz I keep reading them over and over thinking I missed something.

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