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Thread: Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

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    Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    i have a 400 mhz laying around that won't boot to a cd rom for the life of me. so i wanted to create a boot disk. i have searched around to no help. i went into the dos utlities folder and click the rawdrite but i dont know what image to write

    thanks for the help


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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    hi jason,
    nice to see ya anywho - boot.img in the images directory will make a standard install boot disk which should have all the stuff in there as in a CD boot options, although it will need to mount the CD in the event you need rescue stuff.

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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    hey pbharris thanks for the reply. i search both mandrake 9 cds and nothing

    i went into the dosutlities folder and all i could find is


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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    for redhat the are in /images - it is at the top level of the CD, i ma guessing it is the same for drake.

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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    [schotty@wildturkey schotty]$ cd /mnt/dvd
    [schotty@wildturkey dvd]$ ls
    autorun.inf  images/      isolinux/     misc/                     tutorial/
    COPYING      index.htm    LICENSE.txt   pkg-9.0-Dolphin-i586.idx  VERSION
    doc/         install.htm  live_update*  README.txt
    dosutils/    INSTALL.txt  Mandrake/     RPM-GPG-KEYS
    [schotty@wildturkey dvd]$ ls images/
    alternatives/  cdrom.img  MD5SUM           network.img  pcmcia.img  usb.img
    blank.img      hd.img     memtest-x86.bin  other.img    README
    [schotty@wildturkey dvd]$
    As pbharris said, goto your cdrom drive and in /images are all of your images. Here is a snippet of what the install.txt file has to say :

    3. Make a boot floppy with Windows
       If your computer cannot boot from the CDROM and previous methods do
       not work, you must make a boot floppy under Windows as follows:
         * insert the CDROM, then open the icon "My Computer", right click on
           the CDROM drive icon and select "Open"
         * go into the "dosutils" directory and double-click on the
           "rawwritewin" icon
         * insert a blank floppy in the floppy drive
         * select "D:\images\cdrom.img" in the "Image File" field (assuming
           that your CDROM drive is "D:", otherwise replace "D:" as needed)
         * select "A:" in the "Floppy Drive" field then click on "Write".
       To begin the installation:
         * insert the CDROM in the drive, as well as the boot floppy, then
         * restart the computer.

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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    You can make boot/rescue disks in Linux with the dd command:
    Find boot.img on the install CD, put a blank floppy in, then:
    dd if=boot.img of=/dev/fd0
    Also, can make a rescue disk with your kernel image file:
    cd /path/to/kernel/image
    dd if = vmlinux of = /dev/fd0 <= Replace vmlinux with what your kernel image is called.
    /usr/sbin/rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/hda1 <= Replace hda1 with whatever partition is your root. 'mount' command shows you

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    Re:Mandrake 9 bootdisk help

    you guys are the best! worked like a charm and now i have mandrake and winxp going with a kvm switch. thanks!!

    loving it

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