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    sub interfaces


    What would be the purpose of having multiple sub interfaces on an ethernet adapter? For instance, eth0:1, eth0:2, etc

    I'm thinking this is if you own multiple IP addresses, you can assign an IP to a virtual device such as eth0:1. Am I right?

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    Re:sub interfaces

    yeah you can do more than one ip. so let's say I'm running a webserver on and a mail server on and i need to take the webserver down for a little while. i could have the mail server take but keep it's and just have a dummy webpage that explains it being down. this way i don't need another nic.

    or it can be used to sniff someone elses traffic through a switch, but arpspoof is a cleaner method of doing this.

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    Re:sub interfaces

    Don't most shell companies have a sub interface for each public ip address they have when setting up vhosts? BTW, sorry for posting this in the wrong forum.

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    Re:sub interfaces

    no problem for posting in the wrong forum.

    i'm not sure what you are asking. you mean when a web hosting company offers a bunch of different sites on one computer? this is done not by ip but by apache. (if i go to first i resolve to ip and that's then i connect and send my request but also a Host: then it knows is what i want. then I go to with ip and i send Host: and it knows i want

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