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Thread: Squid process

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    Squid process

    I'm using Squid-2.5Stable-1 on my test server, and tried to check if it's working on my workstation. It works...but there's something i noticed when i run ps ax from the server. Squid spawns a lot of subprocesses (i think around 20 subprocesses. considering that i've only accessed 3 websites from the client workstation). Is this normal? cause in Squid-2.4Stable7, i never encountered this thing (i just imagine how many subprocesses will my server spawns if i'd already implemented it as our gateway server). btw, i'm using aufs as my dir cache.

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    Re:Squid process

    That is a little odd. I run Squid 2.5Stable on Red Hat 8 and it's only running three sub-processes. I would check you conf file for the cause..

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