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    The IBook

    I have pretty much no experience with macs, however I am pondering getting a laptop, and the ibook kind of intrigues me. it looks small and slim so it looks light, good battery life, and mac os x looks kinda neat. I would probably be using my laptop for low gaming, maybe some good classics like Frozen Bubble =), web development, music, watching movies, etc. If I use a pc laptop, I'll get stuck with windows XP, and I honestly hate the damn OS. My limited knowledge of linux makes me wonder if its possible for me to successfully install it on either a pc or mac laptop. Could someone explain to me what advantages i would have with having a mac? and what cool things there are with mac os x? can i run ripped movies and such, would codecs be a problem? Can I pretty much get the best of both worlds, linux and windows, in mac os x? i need a crash course in Apples please

    How easy is it to put linux on an apple like an ibook, yellowdog looks outdated, could I maybe throw Gentoo on it instead if I wanted? Id say thats pretty sweet to run a dual boot ibook ;D

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    Re:The IBook

    Hey man no need to put Linux on a mac it IS essentially Linux. It comes with iptables(I believe, if not some sort of firewall protection), Apache etc etc. Plus you have the reliability of Mac + Linux!!! VERY NICE!!! OS X is very SLICK!!!! Nice. I would go with the iBook!

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    Re:The IBook

    [quote author=Izan Seth link=board=11;threadid=6580;start=0#61925 date=1047647821]
    Hey man no need to put Linux on a mac it IS essentially Linux.

    OS X is a candy coated BSD.

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    Re:The IBook

    OSX is frikkin gorgeous, and it's also possible to run X11 apps on it. Highly recommended.

    If you go with a PC laptop, however, you can usually throw linux on there. I have no experience doing this, but I do know that it's no big deal. Just be careful about the hardware and brand a little research first.

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    Re:The IBook

    has anyone here put Linux on an IBook that can vouch that the hardware works good with it? I hope so hehe, the more I think about this IBook idea, the more I want to do it, but then again I don't want to get my hopes up.

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    Re:The IBook

    well i just got a 12" powerbook and i would have to say don't even bother with linux on the ibook. mac os x is very very nice and you should have no trouble getting around on it. there are quite a few good opensource or freeware apps that you can use to do everything you want and do it better than linux. vlc for example runs waay better in os x than in linux. every ripped vidoe i tried worked and played better than using the divx plugins for quicktime. you can get your hands dirty tweaking here and there and play with a terminal if you like but more often than not you won't ever need to.

    os x is much much nicer since i used it last one year ago.

    so to sum up i am sure you could likely get linux to run on your ibook i would ssay to hell with it. explore your options with os x get used to its file hierarchy and then decide. i have no thoughts of sullying my drive with linux -- no matter how much i like it

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