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Thread: setuid for WinXP?

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    setuid for WinXP?

    okay the whole SU thing is grand but what about when you want a User to be able to burn a cd and power user is not an option?

    Anyone know? it'd be perferable to just chmod the dev but i don't see that happening. actually we tried in the removable storage manager area but that had no effect.

    any ideas?


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    Re:setuid for WinXP?

    Not 100 percent how this works, but have you tried right clicking on the exe file. i.e nero.exe go to properties, and check the run this application as a different user option?

    I think it gives you a way to set up the password and everything for the admin so it doesnt have to be entered at runtime, but then again I'm not 100 percent sure, the only thing I can think of at this monment.

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    Re:setuid for WinXP?

    What cd-burning application are you using?

    Roxio will allow regular users to burn cd's. For Nero, you haver to download this:


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