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Thread: Hello from Korea

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    Hello from Korea

    Hey all just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and not really enjoying my time here in Korea, can't wait till I get home.

    Just in case some of you did not know I test Tactical data link software for the US Government and the ROK Navy requested we look their new software over. So off on a plane I went and just 6 days from returning from Thailand.

    Mostly it is same old story here, the US media plays it up way to much, we have been throughout seoul and not had a problem. Of course I am 6 ft and almost 280 lbs that might make a difference ;D

    To see more of what I do you can visit the command website.

    Hopefully I will be back stateside soon. Keep me in your thoughts won't you!


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    Re:Hello from Korea

    ahve fun and get some good deals!

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    Re:Hello from Korea

    What's Korea like?

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    Re:Hello from Korea

    Watch out for those WMD while you are down there... :P :P

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    I was in Taegu for a year, quite a culture shock, but I enjoyed my time there

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    Re:Hello from Korea

    My father-in-law works for disa. Small world. I'll be in Korea sometime in May. Joy.


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