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Thread: Upgrade FBSD 5.0

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    Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    I currently have FBSD 4.7 and would like to know if you can upgrade on top of it with 5.0?

    Or would a reinstall be better?


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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    I tried to update the 4.6.2 and failed, but from the local 2600 meeting Friday, it was MY error, not the software.

    There is a page on updating the kernel on (lemme see if I got a book mark or the page in cache) that gives you the 4 basic steps in upgrading kernels. What I missed was that BSD is NOT LIKE LINUX! The kernel is tied VERY closely to binutils and must all be upgraded together. I wanted a new kernel and ports snapshot. Needless to say that that is about 40 percent of what was needed ;D

    Ill post back with the link. Its in the handbook online (if you are able to get the data before me)

    Start reading here if I recall correctly. I may have gone too far, but that is the beginning of the chapter, and does detail eventually all that is needed.

    FreeBSD Handbook page

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    cvsup -g -L 2 /usr/src/supfile_name

    change the *tagline to read


    then pretty much the same procedure as before, probably paying closer attention during mergemaster

    don't reinstall. that's the beauty of freebsd - no need to reinstall as long as you stay on top of cvsup

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    Thnx for the seems like it may be some work for me to do this. After all, I'm still new wit FBSD.

    I'm go read up on this and then give it a try.

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    You sure about this? I'm kinda scepticle on updating in such a manner especially with 2 entirely different versions of FreeBSD.

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    The cvsup procedure is also listed at I followed it and had no problems. (Actually I did have a problem, but it was my own fault.)

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    Right on! I'll have to keep this in mind next upgrade. ;D

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    I installed FreeBSD 5.1, but couldnt get my XServer going....startx wasnt even on the system. Time to start from scratch and RTFM, but everything else installed ok.

    I installed from FTP

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    If all else fails with your X server problems, you can try posting in the FreeBSD forums at

    As Schotty has pointed out in other posts, the folks there are very knowledgable.

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    Re:Upgrade FBSD 5.0

    I reinstalled and got it going, just needs a couple of tweaks here and there

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