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Thread: ScanDisk for Linux

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    ScanDisk for Linux

    I'd like to scan the whole disk surface, not only data areas. I found, that an equivalent for Scandisk is e2fsck, but does it support reiserfs ? And does it have the option for scanning whole disk surface ?

    Thanks for any help.

    P.S. Sorry for my English. I'm still learning.

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    Re:ScanDisk for Linux

    yes as far as I know there should be a fsck for reiserfs, if you wanna scan the entire disk surface you could do an block scan
    takes alot of time, can't tell you the specific parameter's on a windows computer at the moment.

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    Re:ScanDisk for Linux

    To do a surface check, use:
    badblocks /dev/hdaX

    To check a reiserfs file system, use:

    fsck.reiserfs /dev/hdaX

    (replace X with the partition number you want to check)

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    Re:ScanDisk for Linux

    Thank You very much.


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