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Thread: Problems setting up Web/Mail/DNS

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    Problems setting up Web/Mail/DNS

    hey all, I'm setting up Linux Web/Mail server for a customer; I'm not close to a guru just glad to be able to do it with Linux and not SBS2000. I've run into a few problems, mostly because I don't know how to configure BIND - though, I can configure DNS and the whole 9 on Redmond for days so I'm not a *complete* idiot.

    Ok, this is for a guy who's going to do some consulting and he's running it out of his house til biz picks up so he's using BS Dynamic IP, which isn't the problem yet.

    I installed RH 8.0, did custom install and I didn't install Apache and I forgot and accidentally installed Sendmail. Well, I donwloaded the source for Apache, Qmail, VNC, and installed them. I removed Sendmail the best I knew how but I know I didn't get everything. I'm using Webmin and I have it set not to start. I'm using Webmin but I can use the CL to an extent.

    My main problem is I don't have a clue how to configure BIND; I thought I did but my zone doesn't work.

    We have a 2 Boxes, a the Linux server and a win2k pro box. Both are connected to a Linksys router which is connected to the DSL modem. We have a domain like
    We want to be able to accept web and email requests to that Domain, using and
    However, after I set it up, not only does the name resolution not even work on the local box, the local box can't even resolve external names like ""

    I used Webmin and went into the BIND config and setup a New Master Zone and didn't mess with the existing Master Root Zone. And now DNS is totally hosed, yes named is started and I have even restarted the machine. I made sure that all FQDN's end with a "." I'm not frustrated, I just really need to get this up and if I do then I'll be able to push Linux even more .. Thanks in advance for any help -this must be very simple I just don't know how to do it ... and if there is something better/simpler than BIND then I'm all for it.

    -- On the Linux box I changed eth0's DNS server to itself ( and name resolution works on the Linux box when trying to go to BUT its ridiculously slow to resolve the name; and I still can't make it access internet names.

    THANKS in advance!

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    Re:Problems setting up Web/Mail/DNS

    just a guess but is your netmask set up properly?

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    Re:Problems setting up Web/Mail/DNS

    You may want to look to get O'Reilly's DNS and Bind book. I heard it's the authority on DNS. I myself am getting it because I know very little on the subject and want to learn more (and also hopefully setting up a domain name on my box sometime).

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