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Thread: Linux: Improving Interactivity

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    Linux: Improving Interactivity

    Continuing an earlier thread on the lkml in which Ingo Molnar had announced his latest "HT scheduler" work, the conversation become heavily focused on interactivity. Linux creator Linus Torvalds began this renewed thread by acknowledging X starvation and proposing a patch to have the scheduler give boosts to interactive processes. In posting this patch, Linus noted to Andrew Morton, "Does this make any difference for you? I don't know what your load test is, and considering that my regular desktop has 4 fast CPU's I doubt I can see the effect very clearly anyway."

    According to some the diffrence is more then just noticable!
    Check it out here.

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    Re:Linux: Improving Interactivity

    Linus uses Suse btw

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