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Thread: Whats Native??

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    Whats Native??


    Sorry if this is a quite stupid question, but what is Native, do I have it with Linux by default?? If not, where can I download it??? Is it good??
    Thanks a lot for your help .
    Bye, and see you later.

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    Re:Whats Native??

    Ummm...alright...where did you hear about it? Are you asking what it means when someone says that something is "native to linux"? Because that means that it can be compiled and run on a linux platform. If Native is a piece of software then I don't know.

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    Re:Whats Native??

    like Tyr_7BE said it runs on linux w/o any extra software. you need a java vm to run a java app, but linux apps run on linux w/o any help from an external program.

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