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    bootpc question


    I'm currently securing my slackware box after a fresh install. When doing a netstat -a, I get an open udp port with bootpc. How can I close/secure this? Is it possible to disable and still stay connected to the internet. If so, which file should i edit to achieve this. I connect to the internet using cable and dhcp.


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    BOOTPC allows a Linux machine to retrieve it's networking information from a server by way of the network. It sends out a general broadcast asking for the information which is returned.

    Now I don't think this is the same as dhcpcd, although it sounds somewhat similar. Probably sounds like something you want to keep but I could be wrong.

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    Re:bootpc question

    You probably don't need bootp - it is an old holdover. You can probably turn it off in /etc/inetd.conf - just comment out the line starting it.

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