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Ok, thanks a lot !
But, will it work correctly with Linux Mandrake 9.0 if I use those RedHat rpms??Don't I risk to screw up my KDE by installing this "RedHat Version of KDE" (I ask that because I read this on Mosfet's website)???
So, what you say is: I download the rpms from the first link, then I install the program that is at the second link and then with that program I install the rpms of the first link???

No, it should work fine. And that bullshit over RedHat reinventing KDE is crap. All RedHat did is make a few performance tweaks and add in the BlueCurve theme. I have already read Mosfet's dislike of RedHat a dozen times and disagree %100.

... Now I juste need to reinstall my Linux Mandrake 9.0 because I formated a few days ago, and I'm still under Win .
If I make any kind of mistake while trying to update KDE 3.0 to KDE 3.1, and if I use Linux and Win on the same PC trough Lilo, do you think I could get big problems, like not being able to access Win again??
Thanks again for your help .
Bye, and see you later.
Well making a mistake there when a newbie is hell, but for a veteran like a bunch of us here, its really a simple thing to correct. I still remember back when I would muck with X and stuff, screw my box up and be that close to shedding a tear because I didnt know how to do much with out a tool or asking for assistance online ;D

If you have GNOME or another WM available errors will be easily correctible. When upgrading KDE, at worst only the applications relying on qt will bork.

But the second tool listed is the preferred method. Its really easy and even on dialup, one could grab it all within a few nights of d/l. I am finishing it up tonight. (I slapped MDK 9 on a box a few days ago). Basically what will happen is you grab the tool Konstruct and you will choose what type of installation you want. Go into the directory and do a make install in it. It will grab everything you need and compile it. I reccomend this way for 2 reasons :

1) No MDK specifc RPMS
2) Only way at this point to be sure of a successful install.

At least KDE has this going for it -- easy install from source. My beloved GNOME is a pita to update ...