In the years I've used linux, it never ceases to amaze me the nifty little programs that have somehow escaped my linux experience. Then, I find out about them, and have to ask "Why the hell didn't someone smack me for not using this earlier?" For example, I just discovered screen the other day. I really like screen now. Very nice! Another example. IPTables. SOMEONE REALLY NEEDS TO SMACK ME FOR THAT ONE! I was on an ipchains kernel up til two weeks ago.. Stateful firewalling is such a wonderful thing. I can have a wet dream just thinking about it.

So, I decided to try some of this QoS stuff. Well, it's half a success now. Limiting uploads and doing some other stuff has yielded nice results. Policing downloads has had less success -- for now I'm just using the "Nobody is going to send me anything at 1800 consistently, not likely anyway." approach. Works for now anyway. While maxxing my upload I still get pings as low as 50ms. Browsing is snappy. I'm a happy camper.