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    United Linux

    Has anyone heard aobut United Linux? Seems like a good idea to me, and it is getting support from IBM and HP. What do people think?


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    Re:United Linux

    If the rumors are true, saying they are going to attempt to break away from typical standardization and start their own standards, then I think it is a bad idea.

    I've also heard that some of their programs won't be released under the GPL? (Always lots of rumors)

    I haven't payed much attention to United Linux, but I've never found it to be overly interesting, nor do I believe that it will stimulate the growth and productivity of Linux. Especially if either of the aforementioned rumors hold any truth.

    Also, as nice as Linux for the desktop is for some people, I question whether a Linux distribution catered soley to desktop users will survive out there. (Again, I can't remember if it catered to desktop users only, but I'm pretty sure that I read that somewhere ).

    At any rate, it will be interesting to see how things unfold.

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    Re:United Linux

    I don't think you will be seeing me using a Linux distribution that requires you to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). >

    Jim H

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    Re:United Linux

    I bought the January issue of Linux Magazine and on the last page is an article about UnitedLinux saying that it's the next big thing (these are not my words). Its say that United linux will cost $1000 for a binary license but the source code is still free.

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    Re:United Linux

    bah, gentoo and RH work excellent for me

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