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Thread: ext2 problems

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    ext2 problems

    hello the power went out a couple of times here, and my server machine did not like it alot , my filesystem got hurt.
    The question is this i have these attributes on some files/directories
    the S i think is sticky bit which would allow user who set it on the file/dir can only change or root user but I can't rm -f them as root user. The files also have some very odd uid,gid numbers.
    I have looked through man fsck a couple of times google'd but I can't find any usefull info.
    I would not like to clean my filesystem just to get some files of it even if that is possible.

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    Re:ext2 problems

    i am not sure why you can't remove it. looking pam's pet does not show me anything suspicous....

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    Re:ext2 problems

    thnx for answering I tried chattr -V -s [files] if I then used lsattr to check attributes the s flag had been removed but if I did ls -la it was still there I suppose there's something I haven't fully understood about the *attr commands.

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    Re:ext2 problems

    I tried making an user and group with the same g-u/id as one of the files that I can't remove I still couldn't change the attributes of it or remove it, if the certain block where the file is allocated is damaged or does not excist how can I in some way get info on it.

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    Re:ext2 problems

    here is an idea, switch to runlevel 1 and try it.

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    Re:ext2 problems

    i would boot from another medium and try it... maybe it is being used somehow.

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