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Thread: MYSQL: Changing Column Name

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    MYSQL: Changing Column Name


    How do you change a column's name in MYSQL?


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    Re:MYSQL: Changing Column Name

    ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE old_col_name create_definition

    create_definition is just like when you use CREATE .

    example: col1 INT or col2 VARCHAR(20)

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    Re:MYSQL: Changing Column Name

    Where do you specify the NEW_name

    if I have a db called 'testdb' and a table called 'testtable' with 'testcolumn' of def var(20)

    ALTER TABLE testtable CHANGE testcolumn var(20);

    I want to change the name to new_column. where?


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    Re:MYSQL: Changing Column Name aoughta have all the info you need.

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    alter table table_name change old_name new_name datatype(length)

    For more details:

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