I recently downloaded Lmule and got confused during the installation...

I'll do a play by play: Downloaded the tar.gz file and unzipped it.
In the readme file I am told to install wxWindows 2.0.4 (pretty sure I need it, as doing a ./configure... didn't work)

You will need wxWindows 2.4.0 and my patches to wxWindows 2.4.0. If you do not
patch wxWindows, you will run into huge problems. Patch is also included
in this package (docs/wx-patch).

Applying wx-patch:
cd wxGTK-2.4.0 (or wherever you have extracted wxWindows sources)
patch -p0 < wx-patch

Then compile wxWindows. GTK1 or GTK2, whatever suits you the best. GTK2 does
not flicker so much I have used following configure parameters:
For GTK2:
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-gtk2 --enable-timedate --enable-gui --enable-protocol --enable-http --enable-ftp --enable-resources --enable-prologio --disable-debug --enable-final --enable-timer --disable-gtk --disable-profile --enable-optimise
For GTK1:
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-gtk2 --enable-timedate --enable-gui --enable-protocol --enable-http --enable-ftp --enable-resources --enable-prologio --disable-debug --enable-final --enable-timer --with-gtk --disable-profile

but after cd into docs and typing patch -p0 < wx-patch I get this error:

can't find file to patch at input line 28
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|diff -u -r ../wxGTK-2.4.0/samples/thread/thread.cpp ./samples/thread/thread.cpp
|--- ../wxGTK-2.4.0/samples/thread/thread.cpp 2003-01-05 13:55:40.000000000 +0200
|+++ ./samples/thread/thread.cpp 2003-01-19 18:47:03.000000000 +0200
File to patch:

after specifying the wx-patch as the file to patch, it creates two folders : wx-patch.orig and wx-patch.rej

so now when I try to compile wx-windows using that long ./configure command (the one for GTK2) I get a : no such file or directory...where did I go wrong?

sorry for the length, I'm new at this so don't want to leave anything out

thanx a lot