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Thread: dating hackers

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    Re:dating hackers

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=14;threadid=6486;start=0#61415 date=1046938485]
    When you say hacker, do you mean cracker (Not to be mixed up with the crackers you find where crack is sold)?

    both the real and fake definition.

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    Re:dating hackers

    [quote author=LittleMissGorn link=board=14;threadid=6486;start=0#61401 date=1046923433]
    mmm, little root children

    So you're saying that Gorn "rooted" you ? :P

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    Re:dating hackers

    :-\ *hides*

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    Re:dating hackers

    [quote author=LittleMissGorn link=board=14;threadid=6486;start=0#61426 date=1046959649]
    :-\ *hides*

    You I like... the first girl in a VERY long time who hasn't yelled at me.. I think I owe you an explanation - I have Tourette' Syndrome, I'm prone to things like the above.

    Anyways. Gorn is a great guy (even though I don't know him personally) I hope he makes you very happy, and vice versa.

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    Re:dating hackers


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    Re:dating hackers

    Man, there's no way gorn could have a girlfriend. It doesn't seem moderators are able to view IP's or I would reveal the truth.

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    Re:dating hackers

    LOL are you saying that /i/ am gorn? that is hillarious. and i am flattered...but not a male.

    bah, i hate it when people say mean things about mi amor : silly people.

    mmm, some people have seen me. so i DO exist, thank you very much.

    my IP is dynamic anyway because i have AOL where i have to DIAL UP! each time.

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    Re:dating hackers

    Mmm..I don't think Little Miss Gorn is real; I think poor Gorn was lonely and his mind split in two, creating a female Gorn. Or something of the sort. :P

    What about posting a picture so we know you are real?
    And we can also see what kind of girls Gorn likes.
    And try to take you away from Gorn if you are pretty. ;D

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    Re:dating hackers

    believe me, not only have i talked to her before, i even saw her walking with gorn today

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    Re:dating hackers

    I choose not to believe that. ;D

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