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Thread: Domain registrars

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    Domain registrars

    Can anyone recommend one?

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    Re:Domain registrars

    This site does free web hosting and you can get a domain name through them also.

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    Re:Domain registrars

    If I'm not mistaken, is now a registrar. You might look at how much they cost. If the discounts are anywhere near the discounts they give to everything else, you should find a sweet deal there.


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    Re:Domain registrars

    yup amazon is a registrar now.

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    Re:Domain registrars is the cheapes i've found.

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    Re:Domain registrars

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=14;threadid=6484;start=0#61185 date=1046682005]
    yup amazon is a registrar now.

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