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Thread: Installed RedHat 8.0

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    Installed RedHat 8.0

    I just installed RedHat 8.0 on my laptop with some major problems, but most are fixed.

    It seems my Windows partition is not bootable, something about missing file a:/ifshlp.sys.

    Major problem is my A: drive is totally busted... and I rely on CD-ROM for booting. I guess I will just have to find my restoration CD.

    Another problem was my modem. I had downloaded the Mandrake 9.0 linmodem drivers for my modem because I was planning on getting Mandrake 9.0, but Staples and Circuit city discontinued it! So I had to get RedHat. Now I have to get a friend to get the drivers on a CD-ROM so I can install them... however, I already attempted to install the Mandrake 9.0, so I don't know if I 'uninstall' what I installed or what... if anyone can help me with that, that would be great. .

    Overall: Linux is very nice. Not THAT slow (KDE runs fine). Just slow on large file searches or large file directory browsing. I also can't seem to play mp3's at all... so if someone can help with that too?

    Anyways, I am a total newb and find it pretty easy to navigate on. I got Apache, MySQL, and PHP all running and can't wait to get a local website up and running to test.

    Great OS,

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0


    You might find a performance inscrease when accessing files by using hdparm. Here is a tutorial.

    If your modem worked under Mandrake, there is a really good chance it would work under RedHat. Just a matter of finding the correct package. If you post more info on your hardware, we might be able to help you with that.

    MP3 support is not enabled by default on Red Hat, because it involves propietary code. You can read more about it on this thread:;threadid=6362

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    Here ya go

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    Now that I am online with Linux I can say it is more enjoyable with a huge support like the internet and this group. I got the correct modem drivers from a friend who just got a brand new computer (with a CD-burner)... so everything works... I shall check out the site for mp3 support.

    I suppose while I am here... how do I mount my Windows partition? I forgot to during installation... I know it is hda1.

    Thanks for helping me out.
    Martin (Who is enjoying Linux more and more)

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    PBHarris made an excellent PET on this:

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    Yep, I saw it late yesterday and I am able to mount the windows partition... pretty easy. I've just been updating/installing things lately and enjoying it. I am pretty dissapointed that Yahoo doesn't give a client that supports Yahoo Chat, which bites. Also having trouble finding a good MUD client.

    But overall, I love it. I am going to go and search for some themes and customize a bit.

    Martin (Who is going to have some fun now)

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    [quote author=Lalartu link=board=13;threadid=6483;start=0#61554 date=1047137665]
    Yahoo Chat

    Use gaim. Thats whast I use.

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    For a mud client try Gnome-Mud. It's a lot like GMud for windows.

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    You use KDE? Try kopete ( ). It's a multi-client messenger that might do Yahoo (not sure). It's quite good.

    EDIT: Just checked the roadmap on Yahoo will be available by the 0.7 release (not too distant future). Keep checking the website. Usually there's a major release every few months. It is really nice when you get it working though. Kopete has gone from nothing to a very functional messenger in very little time.

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    Re:Installed RedHat 8.0

    Yahoo has a RH8 Messenger on thier site as well....I just installed RH8 recently, and while I like the UI, there are a couple of contraints that Im quite annoyed with

    more to come...

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