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Thread: Small/Easy distro

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    Small/Easy distro

    okay i'm trying to setup linux on a harddrive to give to my girlfriend, the only spare i have is a 850MB. i figured redhat would be easy to use... but it requires much more space than that unless you remove all the easiness from it.

    i know i could throw slack on there with room left over, but slack isn't easy to use. i'm thinking maybe mandrake.

    i need working development tools (so she can compile stuff as well as start to learn to code, prolly in perl or c++ or c)
    i need a easy to use gui, it doesn't need to be dumped down, but prolly should have a filemanager to start with.
    thats about it.


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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    8) Debian 8)

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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    Have her boot to the cd and use the hard drive as storage space.

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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    VectorLinux is a nice small distro based on Slackware but can be installed from a Dos partition. But it is a real linux distro.

    I installed an older version on my laptop 233mhz system and man does it fly. It comes with some small window managers and I installed Fluxbox and I mean it flys on startup! 8)

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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    i went with slack cause it works...
    cloverm, you run a great site and are quite knowledgable, but your distro taste sucks :-P

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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    Hmmm that gives me a good idea for the next who vs what ...

    Swirly vs Star ...

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    Re:Small/Easy distro

    peanut or tiny come to mind.

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