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Thread: Secure NTP

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    Secure NTP

    I had an NTP server running on Solaris box, but I want to move it to Linux.
    We use time provider on the internet that uses trusted communication and has provided us with key and password.
    Everything was runnign pretty good on Solaris, but when I tried to do exactly the same on Linux box it wouldn't work (var/log/messages doesn't report errors and ntpd is started )
    Here are the lines I used on Solaris:
    server <servername> key 80
    authenticate yes
    keys <path-to_keys_file>
    trustedkey 80
    requestkey 80
    controlkey 80

    ntp keys file:
    80 M <password>

    That works on Solaris - any idea why it doesn't wotk on RH 7.3?


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    Re:Secure NTP

    I've figured it out, if anubody had similar problems, lemme know.

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