Well I bought my comp from Dell just about 3 years ago, and i feet it is time for me to upgrade.

I hear that some Dells are easy to upgrade and others arent, i dont know if mine is or isnt. I dont even know how to tell. I have only opened up my case once and that was to see if I had a Promise Ultra 66 ide controller, cause the older version Debian, i needed special bootdisks for it to detect my hardrive.

I would like everything to be compatible with linux, if i have to do some tinkering to get it to work, thats ok

I know I definatley want to upgrade my processor, and ram, and soundcard. I hear stories of people having a gig of ram. I would like that. I dont know about if linux is compatible with all types of ram, or if there is certain types it cant detect for some reason. Also is there an advantage to having SDR -ram over DDr- ram ( i think those are the types i may be mistaken, please correct me if i am) ??

Processor. I was thinking of going with a pentium 4 2ghz. Unless somebody should have another suggestion. Also should i go with something that has L1 and L2 cache ?? Also I notice looking at sites some say 512k socket, what is that for ?? Of course I guess it depends on what my motherboard supports?? Which maybe while i am at it, I should just replace my motherboard ? Do motherboards get old and outdated, after a while?? Then there is like different kind of motherboards to, RAID and something else right ??

Now Hardrive. I have a 40 GB Ultra Ata HD (7200rpm). I am guessing after a while a hard drive becomes old, and "useless" i guess?? Anyways my hardrive makes funny sounds on boot ups sometimes i dont think thats a good thing, and i am running out of space. Anyways I was thinking of going with two 60 gig hardrives (maybe even two 80 if my budget would allow it). I want to put Windows on one, and then put Mandrake and Debian on the other, and leave maybe a little room to try out the various other distros. Any Harddrives have problems with linux compatibility?? The two companies I hear about the most are Maxtor and Western Didgital. Are either one of them a good choice?? Any other suggestions??

Now my Soundcard. Well i have a Turtle Beach Montego, which has Aureal Vortex drivers, which arent that well supported. Although I did get help getting it to work, with the help of people here. (http://www.linuxjunior.org/yabbse/in...;threadid=6309) Besides i dont think its that great of soundcard anyways. Any suggestions on a soundcard that the makers have linux support?? And one that is good, it doesnt havent to be top of the line..

Actually my speakers really suck to, they are horrible. SO anybody have any suggestions on a set of decent speakers??

While I am upgrading everything else i mine as well go with an upgrade to my video card. Right now i have an 32mb Nvidia TNT 2 M64 Agp. If i am not mistaken Nvidia seems to have good linux support. SO i was thinking of another Nvidia card, but i dont now what they put out now that is decent.

I was also thinking of getting a DVD RW, to replace my cd rw.

Do ethernet cards get old ?? mIne seems to be working fine, so i cant think of any reason to replace it..

One more thing i want to take out my zip drive since i never use it, does anybody know if they make little plastic pieces i can throw over where the hole is going to be ??

sorry this post is so long, I didnt think it was going to be this long. I probably should do a search...but like i said if you are bored and want to help me out

there is probably also people out there who like to give their input on their favorite hardware all the time

anyways yeah i suck with hardware, suck bad

thanks for any help, info anything