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Thread: The "Crap this sucks" Thread

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    The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    Alrighty folks, this is the "Crap this sucks" thread. It is useful as a way to get things off your chest without needing to start a new thread.

    I'll go first: They've packed all of my computers up and shipped them out. I feel naked! No computer at home, no internet at home, nothing. Just some borrowed furniture and a borrowed TV and VCR. This sucks!

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    d00d! That's not cool at all!

    You do own a baseball bat right? Find someone with a computer, and aquire a new system. ;D

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    Alright, i have a "Crap this sucks". I recently went to install gnome 2.2 on my gentoo system, got half way through and never finished, but in doing so set it so that it would use unstable packages. Now, I had forgotten that I did this, and recently went to update my system (emerge -u world), after noticing it was installing X I figured something must be up and stopped. Now I have to recompile a bunch of stuff to get back to stable :-\.

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    Okay Ill go next.

    I am broke and can barely afford me beer and smokes!! I cant smoke inferior (Marlboro's) cigs. And whats a drunk supposed to do!!!

    Crap! This sucks!

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    my turn, c++: this crap sucks

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    C++ can be good just have to feel the burn and love the pain.

    Here's a good one. My co-op job is the worst job I've ever had. There's a council of exceptionally boring white men upstairs who examine exceptionally boring documents all day. When they come across one that makes them go "Oh man! That one! That one put me RIGHT under!," they send it down to me to be revised. It's all engineering procedures so there's not a single interesting one. Oh no problem...I can surf the net in between docs right? No. They don't give me internet access. They also won't let me listen to music. They took all games off my NT 4 system. There are no other students within 8 floors of where I work to talk to, and NOBODY in my office talks to NOBODY. It's eerily silent. Every now and then a lone telephone will ring in the distance, but that's it. They don't give me NEARLY enough work to keep me busy. So basically, from 9 to 5 every single day, I sit on my fat can inside my grey little cubicle and listen to the air conditioner for entertainment. That's 8 hours of listening to the air conditioner! In a given week, I probably do a solid 4 hours of real actual work. The rest of the time is spent staring at my desk. Anyone seen Office Space (you're linux geeks...honestly which of you hasn't?), you'll know exactly how I feel each and every day.

    "Since I started working, every day has been worst than the last. That means that every time you see me, that's the worst day of my life."

    Ah well...2 more months to go. I can't believe I'm waiting for work to end so I can go back to school. A little reversed from what it should be.

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    crap this sucks!
    training someone to take your job over....

    stryder - good luck, best wishes and hopefully time will fly for you in S. Korea

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    My new job... I get paid to do work that other people don't have "time" to do. I actually had someone tell me that to stuff envelopes for them cuz it wasn't "a good use of her time" but apparently it was a good use of MY time!! Oh and an intraverted computer guy being the greeter at a department at a university, something not quite right about that!

    Good idea for a thread!!!! ;D

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    I got assigned my research paper for english comp 2 last night. After staring blankly at my screen I realized that I had absolutely no idea on where to start or anything. Besides the fact that I have to do my paper on animal imagery in King Lear, life is great. Oh well, at least I was able to sit near a hot blonde chic in class. :-*

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    Re:The "Crap this sucks" Thread

    Im working on 3 departmental weblications which are supposed to be completed in 10 months......10 months was the estimate given by a development TEAM.

    There is no TEAM in me doing it by MYSELF.

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