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Thread: Win2000 Advanced versus Linux Advanced???

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    Win2000 Advanced versus Linux Advanced???

    I have a question ....

    plz can you help me with it ...

    There is a new advertising company of 20 staff that would like to migrate from windows 98 to a new NOS so which one do u recommened???

    Windows 2000 Advacned Server or RedHat Linux Advanced Server?

    The compapy is planning to expand its staff # to 200 and probably will have more departments ...

    So, they want to have a system that runs the latest software for graphics. Also security is becoming an issue for them and the cost should be reasonable.

    By the way where i can find a comparison between these two systems based on some particulars [services-cost-application-reliability- etc]

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    Re:Win2000 Advanced versus Linux Advanced???

    i found this at Redhat

    For sure, you can bet that the reliablity and cost are less, services are probably comparable, and the application is probably pretty broad.

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