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Thread: Why did MicroBSD die

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    Why did MicroBSD die

    I always have thought of the BSD license as extreamly open but apparently MicroBSD violated it and has ceased making their OS. Can anyone point out what they did wrong?

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    Re:Why did MicroBSD die

    From what I have read it was from copyright violations, not giving credit where credit was due. As you know the license states that you must include a disclaimer "This product contains software developed by John Doe, and contributors" and you need to include the copyright "Copyright (C) 200x, 200x John Doe. All Rights reserved.". Apparently the microsbsd guys did not include such disclaimers and notices for some drivers which they gleened from the OpenBSD developers.

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    Re:Why did MicroBSD die

    Ah ok. That makes sense.


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