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Thread: Making fonts acceptable

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    Making fonts acceptable

    I just installed gentoo 1.4_rc2, and all's well except for this issue. My fonts could very well be the most ugly fonts I've ever seen in my life. They're VERY blotchy. I took a look at that FreeType thread that LoveChild posted a few months back, and the fonts look spectacular in all the pics. I have freetype installed, and all my apps are told to compile with freetype support. What do I have to do to make these hideous things look nice?

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    add smooth and truetype to your useflags and emerge xfree

    then emerge xft.

    AND IT'S Lovechild, not LoveChild - Why do you people insist on mangling my nick ??

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    !!! message digests do not match!
    !!! is corrupt or incomplete.
    >>> our recorded digest: 537bb3e2da7642bd979ebc1cafa8dce7
    >>> your file's digest: 2d60ea6be208588c2b2b821b74551d1e
    >>> Please delete /usr/portage/distfiles/ and refetch.

    And it does this time and time again. Any thoughts? Lc, does this happen to you regularly? Cause it seems to happen to me all the time.

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    rm -rf the given file and try again, that normally works - means that the file was incorrectly downloaded(happens if you resume for some reason)

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    Yeah I've done that a lot of times...keeps doing it. Guess I'll give the gentoo forums a shot. Thanks.

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    booya...good old manual wget. I guess it was something with portage. Currently buildling....let's hope it's purdy when it's done.

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    I talked to some people about a portage bughunt for the cause of that problem... it should be fixed sometime soon.

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    Added "smooth" to the useflags...fonts are purrrrrrdy now.

    Thanks very much Lovechild!

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=6;threadid=6431;start=0#60663 date=1046037894]
    Added "smooth" to the useflags...fonts are purrrrrrdy now.

    Thanks very much Lovechild!

    Always glad to be at service.........

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    Re:Making fonts acceptable

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't think there is a "smooth" USE flag. It's not mentioned on and I have purdy fonts without it, just "truetype".

    As for the corrupt downloads, I have had the same problem, but usually using a different mirror does the trick quite nicely.

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