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Thread: Quick Poll error

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    Quick Poll error

    This is what I get instead of the usual quick poll when I hit the front page:


    Data file not supported

    The file, /home/cloverm/cgi-bin/qpdat/qpoll.000025.dat, is not in the Quick Poll version 3.1 format.

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    Re:Quick Poll error

    Strange, that poll file was 0 bytes. I created a new one, it was time anyway...

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    Re:Quick Poll error

    is it time for a new poll ?

    Quick Poll error

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    Re:Quick Poll error

    hey thanks cloverm - i ahve been trying to think of a good poll for a week now.

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    Re:Quick Poll error

    I am getting a poll error.


    File lock time out

    The lock file, /home/cloverm/cgi-bin/qpdat/qpoll.000025.dat.lock, must be deleted manually from the server.

    Quick Poll ver. 3.1

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    Re:Quick Poll error

    Yea I mean I thought this was obvious to all, the sites been messed up for about a week now. Can someone log into the server and remove that file already? It makes the page take forever to load now

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