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Thread: monmotha firewall

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    monmotha firewall

    ok, everytime I try to execute monmotha's firewall, I get a unexpected end of script error which is pointed to line 752. Line 752 is the last line of the script. Ive done everything i can think of to this file. ANy ideas?


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    Re:monmotha firewall

    As an update, congrats to 10ded who figured out his problem and got his firewall up and running. cheers dude ;D

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    Re:monmotha firewall

    ok, I went thru the script after receiving all this errors, and decided that i should download the latest and greatest and see how that works. Got the same errors after all and decided "what the hell, lets look at the script itself". SO, I noticed that at the very end of the script that there was an open echo statement. I deleted the offending echo and viola!!! it works.
    And their was much rejoicing. (yahahhhhhhh)

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