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Thread: USB Zip Drive

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    USB Zip Drive

    Hi, I've just set up RH linux on my computer and would really like to get my USB Zip250 working with it, but i'm not having a lot of success.
    I'm a linux newbie, so i went on the net to do some reading about this, but i can't find a step-by-step tutorial.
    I'm using RH7.0, so i think i've got quite an old kernel - is that a problem.
    please forgive my general stupidity!

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    Re:USB Zip Drive

    Well I got a USB CDR and it worked after plugging it in on RH 8 (the first revision I have tried it on ever). I would say it is the kernel. 7.0 has an older 2.2 kernel, and the 2.4 kernel is where a shitload of USB development has come from. Update to the latest 2.4 kernel that RedHat will give ya, and see. I know there is USB ZIP drip support. I can go thru the mail list from RedHat and see what I have laying around, but definitely upgrade the kernel -- like now ;D

    BTW, the kernel has (what the windows world calls drivers) all of the USB modules with it. Thats why I say go that route. I have no clue your experience level.

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