I am trying to understand how to connect from a home PC to a server on my work network. Here is the scenario. Previous admin. set this up and I have no way to contact him so here goes...

MS Exchange on server A: (internal IP address only)
Firewall on Server B: eth0 - internal IP, eth1 - external IP
SonicWall router for Gateway

I want to reach server A from home. Admin. installed 'RA Manager' so he could take control of desktop. I want to do the same.

RA Manager wants the gateway IP, and the target or 'slave' IP. It also wants the port to communicate on.

I know the gateway IP, but I am having trouble with the slave IP and the port.

MY QUESTION - What typical files do I look into on the RH Firewall Server in order to see what IP is available to the outside world and what port is available also?

Here is what I assume... There is an IP address defined on the linux box that when used is actually redirected to an internal IP. I just don't know where to look to find that out.

Any help is much appreciated.