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Thread: Valentines Letter

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    Valentines Letter

    I want some input on this. I plan to send this out to a girl at work with some tulips or some other type of flowers

    Dear Marie,

    Think if you hadn't come to work for LJR. We would have never meet and everything would be different, I would be working at my desk listening to complaints, changing price plans, reviewing bills and giving credits to appease unhappy customers. But then you came along now I find my self writing this for you.

    I don't know what it is, but something about you makes me want to know you better. With this in mind, let's set a time to meet outside of work, so we can get to know one another. Perhaps you may think that I am being to bold, but you only have yourself to blame. Your just to special to for me to walk pass and ignore the possibilities that could be realized, if we were to meet.

    My cell phone number is 209-555-1212. I hope to hear from you soon.



    What you guys and gals think?

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    And you expect her to call you?? I know women love to talk, but expecting her to call you goes against several rules of nature...

    Just ask her out, and don't sell yourself short man, oh and I know I'm being to sound like a broken mp3.. flowers, for some strange reason women love getting flowers (don't ask me why)

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    The reason I want her to call me is because where I work it is impsobile for us to have casual chats because were are on the phone non stop.. Now I have managed to get off at the same time as her and have talked a couple times and walked her to her car BUT recently it has become imposible to catch her for a chat since we seem to have totally differnt schedules... Since she hasn't given me her number.. Why not I give her my number BTW I don't know why but I love to give women flowers.. On and at times to get them from girls too.. Although it sounds fruty.

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    hmmm, I'm not a master with words or anything... but I think it could use some slight improvements... basically just some rewording... and if you're just asking to get to know her better... maybe tulips aren't such a great idea... don't get me wrong women love flowers, but thoser are more of a hey this date is going well, I'll give her some flowers on the way home or something... it really depends on how she reacts to that sort of thing, I guess in the end you know her best.
    I'd also get rid of that "you only have yourself to blame", that really needs some rewording... sounds like you're accusing her of something, which I suppose you are, but when you read that you automatically think bad... if this sounds harsh, its not meant to be, I'm not good at explaining things...

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    What kind of terms were you guys on when you were having your casual chats? Does she have a boyfriend or husband she doesnt talk about? If all is clear then do this ;D

    If she was already flirting with you just send flowers/balloons and tell her when to meet you.

    But, if it was anything less than that. I would come in early or stay late and talk to her as she is walking in or leaving and just ask her out. Leave the gifts alone until she goes on the date with you.

    Notes are for nerds, women like to have you talk to them the first time. Then, after that sweet notes and flowers and stuff work fine.

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    I agree with NoblestKnight. A note seems to say you are scared, more so if you ask her to call you. The most important thing is how you are selling yourself. You have to give the impression that you are sure of yourself, and that going out with you is only natural.
    I'd say try to find the time to talk to her, if only for a few seconds. "Hey, do you want to grab a cup of coffee after work?" would probably do the trick.

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    If your set on a note, the one you put up for us needs work. While I am not Casanova, it seems a bit stand-offish. Others have offered that you should just talk to her. I agree, most often that is the best approach. Here is what I think I would do.

    1. Get a Helium filled ballon (It is valentines day).
    2. Arrive very early (before her obviously).
    3. Tie the balloon to her phone handset.
    4. Attach a short "Korny" be my valentine card to the bottom of the string.
    5. In the card simply say, would like to share a valentines cup of coffee with you after work. (Give a time and if necessary a place to meet). (Worse case, she does not show up and you get to drink coffee).
    6. Don't sign it, this is the best element, surprise, I have found women love to be admired and surprised.

    Oh well that was my turn. Good luck, hope it works out.


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    Re:Valentines Letter

    now that's an idea I can agree with Rastar...

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    Thanks guys for your good ideas. I need to figur out what to do although I might not have much time. But this is a wierd sittuation. First my friend who has talked to her told me that she didn't have a boyfriend or a husband. So unless that has recently changed I am ok. Usually she starts work after me and gets off before me. I heard she is using her vacation time to finish off a semester. I wish I could also get a gal's point of view as well.

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    Re:Valentines Letter

    If you don't think you can talk to her, before or after work, I'd suggest leaving a small note on her desk just saying "Want to grab a bite or a cup of coffee after work? GMoreno."
    Asking her out implies you want to get to know her, without running the chance of scaring her by being too forward.


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