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Thread: Getting ready to reinstall RH8.0 and need some assistance

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    Getting ready to reinstall RH8.0 and need some assistance

    Okay, I recently had a HDD go bad. I am getting it back soon and will be buying a new Moboard soon.

    I have many questions....

    1. Should I wait till I get the new moboard before installing?
    2. I want to get apt-get/synaptic installed thus far it has not happened (I think there was a problem with apt-get and some missing files).
    3. I want to not install KDE and GNOME but go with FVWM, ICEWM and a couple of others. Can this be done from the install disks?
    4. I am going to run Apache, and Samba and do not see a need for Mysql in the near future should I blow off that install?
    5. I don't run Telnet so do I need to install any of that to be able to telnet into my games?
    6. I don' t have ISDN does not installing that stuff hurt anything else?
    7. IPTables, IPChains IPV6, IPV4 which one to install?
    8. Diskquota?
    9. Pico (I believe that is pine)

    Well that is about it for now...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re:Getting ready to reinstall RH8.0 and need some assistance

    1. yes
    2. Dont worry. Just dont get a beta or rc anmd you will be fine. BTW Synaptic is GTK, so you will need the gtk libs installed, in prep of your next Q. ;D
    3. No. You will get WindowMaker, twm, KDE, and Gnome. You can download the desired package after install though.
    4. If you want. Wont hurt.
    5. well, you need the telnet daemon at least ;D
    6. I dont. So I guess not ;D
    7. IPTables and IPv4. IPChains is older (2.2.x kernel era). And IPv6 is for the 6 octet IP numbering scheme. Make life easier and stick with the current defacto standard. IPv6 is cool, but not used enuf for me to implement. Its up to you though in the end.
    8. If you think you need it.
    9. Ahh, pico. Yes that is made by the same group that does pine. I would install it if you hate emacs or vi. You always need a text editor ... for those unfortunate afternoons and evenings ;D

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