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Thread: scripts in rc.local

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    scripts in rc.local

    We have 2 scripts that we would like to have executed automatically when the RH 7.3 server boots, so we put them into the rc.local file. Unfortunately, neither one is running when the server boots. In the rc.local, we have:
    /usr/bin/scripts/startinv &
    /usr/bin/scripts/startwk &

    I can type these exact commands at a prompt and they work fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re:scripts in rc.local

    Make sure that rc.local is set to be executed on startup for the runlevel you are starting in. Unfortunately I am not sure what the best way to set what scripts are executed in Redhat since I don't use it.

    Also maybe make sure that rc.local and the two scripts set executable.
    chmod +x scriptName
    hope this helps

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    Re:scripts in rc.local

    do you have a link from the run-level to rc.local? for me run-level 3 & 5 have .e.g. /etc/rc3.d and /etc/rc5.d there should be a link
    S99local -> ../rc.local , much like pwrhouse was saying

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